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You can reach us from Mo –  Sat. from 11:00 – 19:00 by phone or via email.

Tel. + 49 (0) 30 400 42 422

The process

1. Measurement

Here you will be measured and your own personal cutting pattern will be created. Together with one of our experts, you choose all the necessary ingredients and options for your  made-to-measure suit, coat, trouser or dress shirt.

2. Fitting

After 5 weeks, your finished garment is ready for fitting. If further adjustments need to be made, we will do that within a few days in our own studio.

*Depending on the fabric and workmanship, it may take a little longer. You will learn more from one of our experts on site.

3. Reorders

Your cutting pattern is saved, which allows you to comfortably order suit, shirt, coat or trousers in the right fit in the future. We can make changes to your personal cutting pattern at any time for further orders.

When do I need an appointment?

You are of course welcome to visit us without an appointment, and to browse through our assortment of products. If you are interested in a made-to-measure suit, a dress shirt, a made to measure coat or trousers, it is advisable to make a non-binding consultation appointment.

Send us an email to: [email protected] or use our appointment form.

How long does it take to make a shirt or suit?

The manufacture of our made-to-measure shirts and suits usually takes 5-6 weeks. Possible alterations and necessary fine-adjustments can take another 1-2 weeks.

For important occasions, such as a wedding, we recommend to schedule around 7 weeks.


Alterations on our products are included, as long as the body mass does not change significantly since the first fitting.

IMPORTANT: We do not offer alterations for garments that are not “Monokel Berlin” branded.

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