Ein grauer Glencheck Maßmantel aus der Herbst- Winter Kollektion 2018

Autumn / Winter 2018

Our new winter collection stands for subtle sophistication and masculinity.
Rich colors liven up our classics; gentle earth tones give balance.


Made-to-measure suits and flannel tights, jackets made from the finest camel hair or heavy tweed; Custom made jeans in 14oz selvedge denim. Subtle checks, houndstooth patterns and multi-layered melange fabrics set accents.

The Highlights
The Big Glencheck
Denim meets Bouclé
The Flanell
Bactrian Jacket

The Big Glencheck

Denim meets Bouclé

Custom-made jeans in 14Oz selvedge denim meet uniquely soft alpaca wool jackets.

The Flanell

Made-to-measure shirts and tailored suits made of flannel

Elegant fabrics for the winter for unique wearing comfort.

Sandfarbener Maßanzug aus Flanell aus der Herbst- Winter 2018 Kollektion
Tailored suit made of flannel wool
Hellblaues Masshemd mit Button-Down Kragen mit brauner Grenadine Grossa Krawatte

Looking for Grenadine Ties?
In our online shop you will find a wide selection.

Braunes Polohemd nach Maß aus der aktuellen Kollektion
Highlight of the season: tailored polo shirt

Dark blue tailored suit made of flannel wool

Tassel Loafer

Welted tassel loafer in black. Learn more.

Tailored coat

Made to measure winter coats or a between-seasons coat for spring?
Discover our new cuts and fabrics.

Grauer Massmantel mit Herringbone Muster
Tailored coat
Beigefarbener Massmantel aus der Herbst Winter 2018 Kollektion
Custom coat with patch pockets

Bactrian Jackets

Probably the most extraordinary of our autumn-winter collection is the Bactrian wool by Loro Piana. Wool derived from young animals from the Mongolian semi-desert is softer than cashmere and more durable than alpaca.

Custom made jacket of Bactrian wool from Loro Piana


Strong looks, emphasized through subtle finesse and sophistication, form the basis of our current Business Winter wardrobe. Subtle harmonious colors, strong Glencheck patterns and a high-quality material mix provide the basis for impressive combinations.

Dunkelblauer Massanzug mit dezentem Karomuster
Dark blue tailored suit with brown check pattern
Dark brown derby men's shoe made of coarse leather
Dark blue suit with fine glencheck pattern
Dark blue tailored suit with check shirt